ANA257 - $6,500
21.5 inches
Pendants 4" x 2" and 3" x 1.5" (2)
Free shipping worldwide

Not for a meek or demure woman, this incredible coral and silver necklace
has a central Ait Ouarzguit earring ( Khrab), with southern Moroccan necklace
elements to either side, likely from the Tiznit or Anti Atlas region. The heavy
silver striped beads at the top are rare Saharan / Tafilalt pieces, and the chain
sections are recycled from a fibula set of the High Atlas. Ait Ouarzguit is a rich
saffron growing valley between Tarroudant and Ouarzazatte. The women living
there were some of the richest in Morocco due to the value of saffron. They
would employ a live-in jeweler to create exquisite pieces only for them . . . .
always opulent and richly decorated. Very rare components in this piece, since
there were only around six main families with such collections from this region.
Not to mention the hundreds of antique undyed Mediterranean coral beads
which sell dearly by the gram in the souks of Marrakech. Created by Faouzi,
and distributed exclusively in North America by Dorje Designs.

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