ANA287 - $5,995
24 inches
Pendant 5" x 2"
Free shipping worldwide

A very rare Tanit pendant from Morocco, representing the original goddess from
Imi n Tamelt in the Anti Atlas region, hangs from multiple strands of antique undyed
Mediterranean coral beads. We drove through this area in on a very bumpy journey
during our Moroccan adventures. The pendant has incredible blue and yellow
enameling, dating it to pre-1930. It was originally part of a larger frontal or head
dress. These pieces hardly ever appear for sale, and when they do, they are mostly
in battered condition (yet still very desirable to collectors). The two enameled
rosettes at the top were probably adapted from fibula from the Souss region, near
Tarroudant. The chains are from High Atlas linked fibule sets. Created by Faouzi,
and distributed exclusively in North America by Dorje Designs.

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