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ANA433 - $475
18.5 inches
Pendant 2" x 1.25"
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Sparkling cubed aquamarine beads and eight antique green vaseline beads
from 1800s Bohemia highlight a magnificent tsavorite gemstone. Home for
this incredible pieces is the east African bushland along the border between
Kenya and Tanzania. There are only a few mines, and it is incredibly danger-
ous country. Discovered in 1967, a British geologist was looking for gem-
stones in the mountains of northeast Tanzania when he came across some
strange, potato-like nodules of rock. Inside these odd nodules, he found some
beautiful green grains and crystal fragments of a type discovered only on rare
occasions until then. Tiffany & Co. in New York soon showed an interest in the
newly discovered green jewel, but at that time, it was simply not possible to
export the stones from Tanzania. However, the geologist persisted, and
eventually found that the gemstone load continued into Kenya, where it could
be mined and exported. This stone has a vivid radiant green color brilliance
found on few other stones, along with a hardness that rivals emeralds. Crystals
of this size very seldom become available. Bronze hook and eye clasp.

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