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17 inches to 19.5 inches adjustable

Hybrid quartz gemstones called ametrine take center stage on this piece.
These raw nuggets combine both the purple color of amethyst and the gold
sheen of citrine in the same quartz crystal. One mine in Bolivia, the Anahi
Mine, is the world’s sole source of this gemstone. In the seventeenth century,
a Spanish conquistador was given this mine as a dowry for marrying a
princess named Anahi, who was from a local tribe. The conquistador’s gifts
to the Spanish Queen introduced ametrine into Europe. It is considered a
very rare power stone in the metaphysical realm, combining both the powers
of amethyst and citrine into one stone. Tiny andalusite beads are used as
spacers between the nuggets of ametrine, and they all hang from a stand
of crackled “African amber” bakelite beads. With a silver extender from
Thailand & sterling silver cones and hook & eye clasp. Designed by Anna.

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