22 inches

Anna found these five antique Moroccan spindle whorls in a little shop in
the souk of Marrakech. Each one has a unique carving - if you want a
close-up, let us know. One of the spindle whorls has been repaired, testifying
to its age and use. Spindle whorls were originally used to help spin thread.
Made of clay, stone, and wood, and often incised with geometrical patterns,
they are recognizable by their enlarged central hole. Recent excavation in
the old city of Djenne, Mali show whorls to have been used since at least
1000AD. There are written comments dating to the early 1400s about the
great number of weavers in that city. Complemented by antique African
vulcanite heishi beads, and a bronze hook and eye clasp.

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