ANA408 - $675
18.5 inches to 20 inches adjustable
Free shipping worldwide

Some spectacular and fascinating examples of what we believe are faceted
chrysoprase gemstones, which hang from a strand of smoky quartz beads,
interspersed with teal-green Bohemian glass beads that are about 200 years
old. Chrysoprase is a rare form of quartz that is created from very tiny crystals
and contains traces of nickel, which gives it a unique color. During the Middle
Ages, it was mined in Silesia, which is now the northern Czech Republic and
southern Poland. In earlier times, it was used as ornamental jewelry by the
Greeks and Romans, often in the form of intaglios and cameos. Much of it
is now mined in western Australia. Sterling silver and gold-filled daisy spacers
with a bronze hook and eye clasp. Designed by Anna.

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