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ANA498 -
33 inches to 34.25 inches adjustable

A necklace of unusual rings. Eight antique carved bone rings from the
South Pacific. Three antique silver rings from Ethiopia. And a great
sterling silver ring made from a piece of ancient Anasazi pottery. The
name "Anasazi" comes from a Navajo word meaning "ancient ones."
They were a prehistoric Native American Indian people who lived from
100 BC to 1300 AD in the four-corners area of the American southwest
- between Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. These ancestral
peoples disappeared around 1300 AD, and all that remains of their culture
are their pueblo dwellings and a few artifacts. Mesa Verde and Chaco
Canyon are two of their most famous sites. The pottery shard used in this
piece was found on private land, which accounts for only 17% of the area
in which these peoples lived. The remaining 83% of the lands are owned
by state and federal governments, where removal of any artifacts is strictly
forbidden. We believe that these ancient potters would be pleased to learn
that their creations, even a thousand years later, are being carefully dug up,
cleaned, and crafted into new pieces of art. The necklace is finished with old
vulcanite heishi from Africa, and a sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

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