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ANA403 - $650
18.5 inches
Pendant 3.75" long
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As many of you know, a number of Anna's pieces were worn by the
models in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. They decided
to have another tribal photoshoot for the 2016 issue and Anna created
a dozen pieces for them. This is one of those pieces. We have no idea
whether or not it will appear around the neck of one of the models
in next year's February issue - they simply don't tell us ahead of time -
but it will be much fun to check out that issue when it hits the stands.

Two strands of fabulous nuggets of semi-precious chrysocolla with
Vulcanite heishi, bronze beads from Afghanistan, and a bronze hook
and eye clasp. Often confused with turquoise, chrysocolla has been
known as the stone of reconciliation and reassurance throughout
the world. In ancient Egypt, it was referred to as "the wise stone,"
carried by Cleopatra as a talisman.

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