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AN7241 - $995
20 inches (hard to measure given the piece,
but will fit most women)
Pendant 7" x 7"
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In the 1976 remake of King Kong, the character played by Jessica Lange was
kidnaped by Skull Islanders and dressed in the traditional garb of the sacrificial
"bride of Kong." But check out the necklace she is wearing when King Kong
grabs her: (Cut and paste this link to your browser).
It seems that the costume designer did some good homework and brought authen-
ticity to the costume with a kina necklace, similar to the one we have posted here.

A fabulous example of tribal jewelry - an old kina shell pectoral adornment
from the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, late 19th to early 20th
century, in excellent condition. These shells were worn by both men and
women, and were also utilized as currency in bride price exchanges. This
large crescent shaped section on gold-lipped mother-of-pearl shell is decorated
with red pigments, which perfectly complement the Venetian wound compound
beads used in necklace. Also known as Cornaline d'Aleppos, these rare
beads are collector's items in themselves. Fancy bronze hook and eye clasp.

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