A255 - SOLD
19 inches
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A incredible enameled pendant that would have once been a part of a headdress
worn by a Berber woman. Both sides have been decorated which tells us that a
Jewish jeweler created it. The family of this Berber woman would have hired
and housed (separately) the jeweler who would then create a treasure trove of
jewelry for this family. Five strands of faceted lapis lazuli, antique Mediterranean
coral, and gold-filled embellishments. The dangle consists of two antique cone-
shaped silver pendants that were once a part of an earring worn by an Afghani
woman. The antique silver fan-like pendant was also part of an earring, but
worn by a Berber woman. The remainder of lovely beads are so fun and quite
old ... many as old as 300+ years that have made their way to you from Africa.
The orange bead with little blue flowers is a Venetian millefiori. The bead
itself is very rare, as is the semi-transparent bead with orange etching, called
a Fancy bead. The green bead is a Feather bead, the black bead hand-painted
with blue, pink, and white is called an Ambassador and, lastly, the red and
white polka-dot bead is called a Skunk. There are two millefioris in the back
that are also millefiori. The combination of pink and yellow is rare.

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